Facebook Advertising

How Many Leads Do You Want?

Did you know there are over 44 million users Facebook in the UK?

This audience is ready to buy products or services from you.

Facebook isn’t just for socialising, in fact, it is now one of the biggest business growth platforms available to you.

If you are not advertising on Facebook, sure as dam it, your competitors are and you’re missing out!

Target prospects and turn them into your customers with Facebook Ads

Two billion people use Facebook every month. With the ability to tap into a huge market of keen consumers, Facebook is an essential marketing tool for growing your business.

Setting up a page and posting content is great for keeping your current followers updated, but if you want to grow your audience and generate leads quickly, you need a Facebook advertising strategy.

By running targeted Facebook ads, you can choose your audience based on demographic, interests, behaviours and more to ensure you are reaching the people who have an interest in your product/service.

It is also a great way to increase brand awareness by familiarising people with your brand and increases your customer attribution.

FBK certification

We are a Facebook Business Marketing Partner, qualified to laser in on your perfect demographic.

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We drive traffic for 66% lower cost than Facebook benchmarks, and will:

  • Deliver a comprehensive activity report
  • Guarantee high level engagement from your target audience
  • Outperform your competitors.
  • Generate qualified leads at 58% lower than the Facebook average
  • Set objectives that will achieve your business goals
  • Deliver the best return of investment (ROI)

Do you want measurable results in real time?

£2000 Budget


318 Leads

Average client profile against spend

Surely you want to explore this more and acheive explosive growth in your business?

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