My name is Benn Davis, join me to discover the real secret to building companies and teams with the ambition of experiencing explosive growth.


Like all of us, you are either looking for explosive growth in sales revenue or profit. Why is it that many business owners talk about getting results but only a few companies ever achieve it?

Well, like all business owners I suspect you are just too busy working in the business dealing with the daily pressures. of day to day life and can’t focus on the real goal.

Unless you are 100% focused on explosive growth within your business, then you like all your competitors continue to tread water. You need to take action now.

The Insight360 programme delivers your pathway to success, annihilating your competition, if you don’t take action first, then they will succeed leaving you behind and you wondering why your business has not performed. Success is within your grasp, but you need to make a positive decision, if you can’t then the Insight360 programme is definitely not for you.

Never look back and say, I wish I did, “take positive action now” and be proud of committing to making a difference to your business and your team, Don’t you want explosive growth, because as sure as damn-it we all need it?

Whether you are looking to survive the business climate around you or just looking to make it big in your market sector, whichever, sign up now and remember the day you took positive action and joined the Insight360 programme.

And it’s not just all down to me, we are a team of over team of over forty specialists, split in knowledge sectors within the business; Strategic Growth, PPC, SEO, Digital Marketing and Web Design this allows us to offer pin-point laser focused talent to work on your business and develop a bespoke strategy to explosive growth. can’t wait to work with you on explosive growth in your business.

PS; Imagine if I said and all of this was no-risk, I guess you would say it’s too good to be true.

We promise that it will cost you nothing to speak with us and find out how your business can join others in experiencing the journey to explosive growth, at no-risk.

Let’s talk Insight360 Programme

Engaging in the Insight360 programme will help business leaders free up time so that they can focus on running and growing their businesses. We do this by providing valuable strategic advice across all departments within your business, all designed to improve the profitability, performance, and efficiency of the organisation.


We begin this optimisation journey with our Insight360 support service. Designed to get your business back on track or simply to optimise operational efficiency, this service gives your business a dedicated, experienced business coach supported by over forty marketing and strategy experts to assess the current state of the business. After identifying and prioritising key risks, challenges and opportunities for improvement, we will work with you on a One2One basis to create a clear and achievable business plan, leading to explosive growth.

How do we do it?

Our Insight360 programme is highly-focused and creates sustainable interventions helping business leaders.

Which areas of the business does the Insight360 optimise?






Human Resources





Listen to one of our top coaches




Step 1:

DISC Profile Assessments
for Professional Success


Each Senior Team participant in the programme undergoes a profile assessment.

Often the way we perceive ourselves and the way others perceive us can be two very different things. Even experienced business leaders will persist in communication and organisational practices with a belief that everyone recognizes their “obvious” intentions while overlooking costly misinterpretations from different behavioural styles, communication preferences and emotional expression.

This assessment measures and provides insight into four primary behavioural tendencies and emotions, and explores how these come together in a personal blend of style to create a performance driven team for your business.


Step 2:

Insight360 Discovery Day


Assembling your directors and senior management team we carry out an in-depth analysis of the organisation by using our Insight360 techniques to identify where the potential for future growth lies within the business.

A full written report is produced which identifies the road map to follow with key recommendations to follow that realises the full potential of the businesses profit.

A presentation to senior managers ensures that there is an understanding of its contents and creates buy-in into the team to its recommendations and actions.


Step 3:

Process and Optimisation


Following the Discovery Day and presentation of the full written report to the senior management team, you then have your first coaching and mentoring day.

This day is set up to guide you through the recommendations from the report and most importantly the implementation plan. Each recommendation is identified and placed into a timeline so that real accountability can be identified and measured and progress monitored.

As well as establishing important actions to be taken, the team will be shown how to develop a set of key performance indicators (KPI’s) which will allow you to measure the progress being made through the implementation of those actions.

As the business critical processes are developed and refined so the KPI’s are able to establish which processes are working and which ones need further refinement or replacement.


Step 4:

Business Mentoring


The ‘Cycle of Success’ is so important and starts by knowing that you have the potential to grow as identified in the Discovery Day.

Once you know you have the potential to grow you take action and measure the results via the KPI’s identified. This results in changing the beliefs of the people involved and motivates them to take greater and more positive action.

There can be times in business where individuals start to feel stuck and are either at the maximum of their perceived or actual abilities. We know that if you want different results you have to take different action and that change starts inside the person.

Experience has shown us that developing individuals through coaching and mentoring has a profound effect on what they think is possible to achieve.


Step 5:

Cascade Techniques


Once teams start to get success their belief in themselves and their confidence to take greater action grows. So often a simple change in physiology can change their mindset and state.

Using tried and tested methods for creating a great state of mind we show the team how they can take control of how they think, which affects how they feel and then affects how they behave.

Behavioural change lies at the heart of any organisational change to deliver outstanding results.

Changing states of mind to be in a strong state, a state full of energy, passion and enthusiasm to get up and make a difference is the cornerstone to our success with your teams. Combine this with a laser focus on the outcome and the strategy to achieve it and suddenly the whole organisation takes a huge leap forward.


Step 6:

Motivation and Leadership Skills


Only different actions will get different results. Different actions come from knowing what to do “strategy” then raising the standards turning should do’s into must do’s.

We know that once we raise standards we get different results we then need those actions to become a habit. Identifying those habits into clear processes within the organisation is one way to ensure they are repeated time and time again.

Continuous monitoring and measurement of business results and performance via the KPI’s ensure that new action is being taken regularly in response to the business. Making sure that the understanding is retained throughout the team as to why the activities are important is essential.

We develop the ability for the senior team to guide and influence the behaviour of the people around them to accomplish those specific goals and targets critical to business success.

Combine this with developing the team’s ethos and values in line with the organisation and the whole team become increasingly able to direct and influence their colleagues throughout the business. This we know produces unstoppable people and organisations not only able to withstand the rigours of the business environment but thrive and grow.

Join the Insight360 programme and experience how your business can realise maximum profitability and enterprise value whilst achieving explosive growth.

The financial benefits achieved after proactively participating in Insight360 programme will deliver business growth and in turn, increase both profitability and EBITDA.

Are you ready to work with us?

Working with us is a commitment and it is not for the faint-hearted, we only want to work with dynamic businesses who are prepared to take positive action and if this is not you, then you are wasting our precious time.

Headed up by Benn Davis, a serial entrepreneur and business mentor, the team at Bigwave have been handpicked, all with the aspiration to exceed expectation and meet the most stringent of criteria to work with our clients, delivering them explosive growth.

We are team of over 40, split in knowledge sectors within the business; Strategic Growth, PPC, SEO, Digital Marketing and Web Design this allows us to offer pin-point laser focused talent to work on your business and develop a bespoke strategy to explosive growth.

Growing a business is not just about marketing, it is about strategic planning and without this you are genuinely wasting your cash, gone are the days you work with a marketing business and spend it on PPC and SEO, being dazzled by graphs and your click throughs and no proven ROI, you need to implement a programme across the whole business, we call ours Insight360, creating a 6 step strategy. If you can’t monitor your business, how can you manage it?

We can’t work with everyone, but if you are looking for explosive growth then let’s at least talk with no commitment.

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