Landing Page Development

Double your sales with a content driven landing page

A landing page solely focuses on one product or service, all with the aim of getting the prospect to convert.

The landing page has a unique audience and is laser-focused on a single specific product or service.

Landing pages are typically created to run with a campaign and aim to present all the information to the prospect about that product/service/topic to enable them to remain focussed on it and to speed up the conversion time.

Steal the competitive edge ...

Put simply, your landing page should be laser-focused on an irresistible service or product converting more of your prospects into paying customers. The average conversion rates when using a landing page vs a typical web page are two times more effective at converting.

The more conversions, the higher your ROI and the more you can spend on marketing to ultimately steal the leads from your competitors.


Is your landing page fully optimised for maximum results?

Optimising your landing is best done when it is based on data. There is a wealth of tools available to help you do this form traffic analysis, like Google Analytics to heat mapping and user interaction tools.

Heatmapping can be applied to your page to track visible hot and cold spots – the buttons and areas that your visitors typically do or do not click on. By using a heatmap you can see if a call to action is being overlooked. You can determine what is working, tool up and make it work harder for you and crush those areas that are being neglected.

Taking user interaction further online interaction monitoring enables you to record on-site usability. You can see mouse movements and clicks. Effectively viewing the ghost of a visit to the site and seeing both the journey the visitor went on and how the website performed during that visit.

Most tracking systems will allow you to use specific URLs to auto-record or discard specific journeys. For instance, you are likely to want to analyse the journey of a prospect coming to your website to make sure they convert to a paying customer.

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