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Laser Focused Websites to flood you with customers

Think of your website as the epicentre for all your marketing as well as the digital persona/presence of your brand. It is the home of your products or services – the digital store shelves – proudly displaying what is on offer and encouraging customers to buy. It is the repository to store your marketing content and thus, the tool that will drive your income. All breadcrumbs for the prospect going down your sale funnel should lead here.

Whether digital or offline, the most important part of any advert/campaign is the ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) – the action you want the reader to take. If you have sparked an interest in your product or service, then you will need to give the reader an action. Somewhere for the prospect to purchase, sign up or find out more information. This is where your website comes in, but how do you best utilise this tool?

Is your site fully optimised with high value content?

So, you have a website … if you have sparked an interest in your offer, then this is where your prospect will head. This is your chance to really give people the detail they want, and if you have a promotion on, make sure it is clearly visible. You will now need your website to perform. This means it either needs to make the sale or it needs to generate you a lead and gather prospects through contact submission forms.

Building your site for lead conversion is crucial, if you are using any form of marketing to drive traffic to your website then each visit represents an expense you have paid out. If they leave your site without buying or handing over their details, then you have wasted your money and lost an opportunity.


What is your customer experience?

Most people now view websites on a phone or tablet so if your site is not mobile enabled the experience will be poor.

Furthermore, it remains essential to view the services you offer from a digital perspective. With 60% of the UK’s population now owning a smartphone, it is vital that your website is streamlined and displayed in an easy format on various screen sizes.

Google uses tools to assess if your website is mobile friendly and will penalise you if not. This directly impacts on your ability to be found on search engines and is critical to an effective site.

Do you have a clear call to action?

If you want to sell or capture a lead, then having strong and prominent call to actions is vital. Your homepage should have strong visual links (think big buttons or banners) to promote the action you want the prospect to take.

If a visitor must dig or click through a few pages to find the product or offer, then it isn’t going to be generating you many conversions.

Add web banners or links from internal pages – particularly popular pages on your site. Check your Google Analytics data to see which pages of your site are most popular and ensure these have promotional spots of call to actions.

Keep information on the relevant page/s. If someone is in ‘research’ mode, then they will be seeking specific information. If they cannot get that info from the product or service page, then they may leave your site rather than hunt around for it. See the landing pages section and why this is important!

Displaying your price will depend on your industry and product/service. If your competitors show prices, then follow suit. Pricing allows people to make an informed and quick decision. Leaving price as a surprise/secret until they get to the final step of a journey is a risky business, not to mention annoying from a visitor perspective. If your competitors display pricing and you don’t are they likely to hang on make a call, email, or personally visit to find out? Probably not. If the visitor must go back and review what they will be getting for their money or find out offline, then they are likely to leave the purchase/sign-up page. The moment will be gone.

They may return, but is it worth the risk?

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